Location: Palisades Nuclear Generating Station in Covert Township, Michigan

Project name or project we will be supporting: Training
Job Function: Senior Electrical Instructor
College Degree: N/A
Discipline: Electrical


  • Develop and present material and be a program coordinator for electrical. This requires vision inputs and working with the line for approvals along with training needs analysis. The instructor will also be presenting initial electrical training.
  • We would like a qualified instructor with nuclear plant experience.

Job start date: ASAP
Job end date: 6-8 Month Duration

Guidelines for per diem, travel pay or mob/demob: Per Diem $100/day.

Anticipated schedule or work hours: 8:00 – 5:00
Required safety equipment: As required by Site Safety Policies
Additional Information: Qualified Instructor with Electrical Experience (2 positions open)

 Please submit a detailed resume to Laurie Beggs (lnb@bcpengineers.com) here: 


Position Applying For: