BCP Engineers can ensure your PWR or BWR plant meets all current NRC and ASME Section XI requirements pertaining to containment leak tight and structural integrity.

10CFR50, Appendix J Integrated and Local Leakage Rate Testing

BCP professionals have directed over 60 Local and Integrated Leakage Rate Tests at 35 domestic and 10 foreign nuclear units.

Through direct experience, authoritative knowledge of standards, and state-of-the-art proprietary software, BCP maintains a solid position in the nuclear industry and with NRC staff specialists and regional inspectors. BCP’s Appendix J Engineers have successfully performed Appendix J and other containment testing for BCP for more than two decades.

Additionally, using BCP for your plant’s containment testing provides the added benefits of a minimum-duration test, with BCP’s advanced instrument placement techniques. And logistical problems are minimized since BCP provides a complete range of services, including Planning and Scheduling.

BCP offers the following Appendix J services:

  • Test Planning and Scheduling
  • Procedure Development and Review
  • Instrumentation, including hardware evaluation
  • LLRT equipment sales
  • Test performance, including director, full technical support, program and results evaluation, and final report
  • Draft and review revisions to any of the following plant documents to reflect the adoption of Option B:
    • Plant Technical Specifications
    • Containment Testing Program
    • Final Safety Analysis Report
    • ILRT Procedures
    • LLRT Procedures
  • Develop a Containment Testing Program Basis Document in accordance with USNRC Regulatory Guide 1.163; NEI 94-01; ANSI/ANS 56.8/1994; and BN-TOP-1. The document performs the following functions:
    • Defines the testing and record-keeping requirements of the Program
    • Identifies the basis for each requirement
    • Establishes a Risk-Based Testing Program, in accordance with NEI 94-01
    • Identifies the requirements that are not addressed in the above regulations, guides, and standards, but are essential to the Program
    • Justifies any departures from testing requirements endorsed by Option B, if appropriate

Containment In-Service Inspection:

BCP professionals have over 35 years experience in developing and implementing containment in-service inspection programs. This experience includes the preparation of program documents as well as the performance and direction of inspections and Repair / Replacement work at numerous plants in the US and Asia. Through service on ASME Section XI working groups, BCP Engineers have participated in the development of requirements for in-service inspection of both concrete and metal containment.

BCP offers the following Containment In-Service Inspection Services:

  • Review of plant programs to ensure compliance with 10CFR50.55a and Section XI, Sub-Sections IWA, IWE, and IWL
  • Preparation of new programs and updates of existing programs to meet the requirements of the latest applicable amendment to 10CFR50.55a
  • Preparation of examination procedures
  • Visual examinations
  • Technical direction of post-tensioning system inspectors
  • Computation of expected forces in post-tensioning tendons
  • Trending of post-tensioning system forces and evaluation of inspection results
  • Development of Repair and Replacement programs and procedures to correct structural deficiencies as well as to ensure code compliance when containment must be breached for steam generator and reactor head replacement projects
  • Technical direction of Repair and Replacement work

For more information on BCP’s Containment Services, please contact:

Tony Stough
BCP Engineers & Consultants
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1715 S. Missouri Avenue, Suite 2
Clearwater, Florida 33756
Phone: (727) 581-9594
Fax: (727) 584-1375
Cell: (727) 385-8173
Email: aws@bcpengineers.com

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