R&E Tax Regulations

The U.S. government policy through associated tax law – Sections 41 and 174 of the Internal Revenue Code – seeks to promote the global competitiveness and growth of American industry.

Recent revisions to the Tax Code and regulations have broadened the application of the law to improve the opportunity for traditional industries, such as electric utility companies, to take advantage of R&E investment tax benefits.

Tax recovery of R&E Qualified Research Expenditures (QREs) can have a significant impact on the organization’s bottom line, providing accelerated cash flow and contribution to after tax net income through:

  • Section 174, deductions provide a cash flow NPV based on the marginal corporate tax rate of 35%.
  • Section 41, credits may provide up to 20% dollar savings.

The BCP Advantage

Boutique firm specializing in the R&E Tax Credit area.

BCP works directly for your tax department in maximizing your R&E tax credit claim. We provide both experienced, trained engineers and tax expertise to support you in the R&E tax area.

26 Years of Engineering and Technical Experience

BCP offers over 26 years of experience in providing engineering services and management consulting support to U.S. and foreign electric utilities and related industries.

Peer-to-Peer Advantage

Communication. BCP Engineers know how to talk and maneuver to minimize the impact on your plant personnel engaged in their operational and engineering problems.

Proven and Systematic Process

The BCP methodology often results in a short tax audit duration and maximum ROI through a focused and disciplined approach to meeting the company’s financial objectives. Comprehensive detailed reports complete with an audit trail and supporting documentation are developed to directly support your claims for tax credits and/or deductions.

For more information on BCP’s R&E Tax Services, please contact:

Gregory J. Lormand
BCP Engineers & Consultants
Director Tax Services Support
401 Whitney Avenue
Suite 402
Gretna Louisiana 70056
Phone: (504) 361-4236 ext. 333
Fax: (504) 362-8601
Email: gjl@bcpengineers.com

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