Ron founded BCP in 1981 with the goal of building a consulting firm without peers to meet the needs of nuclear power plant owners and operators. By hiring many of the most accomplished engineers and managers available in the industry, BCP grew to be and remains one of the nuclear industry’s most successful and respected engineering services firm. BCP’s client list includes all U.S nuclear plant and many fossil plant operators, as well as several major international nuclear utilities.

Ron has both a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Science and Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University, as well as a Masters of Business Administration degree from Troy State. He serves several utility clients with executive level engineering and business management consulting support. Prior background includes experience in the naval reactors program, engineering field services for a nuclear reactor supplier and project management and engineer-in-residence assignments for a major international engineering and construction company.

In 2013, BCP was acquired by Energy Services Group International (ESGI).  Ron remained as the President and continues to have overall responsibility for the BCP organization and function.

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Chris is responsible for providing project oversight and the necessary expertise, talent and resources to support utility customers and their tier one vendors. This support covers design, engineering, planning, construction, commissioning, operational readiness, operations, maintenance and training. In the support of project delivery, project management office resources, expertise and technologies are provided. He has over thirty years of experience in executive and technical roles in the utility industry covering power, water, wastewater and solid waste serving on industry organizations. He holds a BS degree in Marine Engineering from US Merchant Marine Academy and an MBA from University of Dallas.

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Greg is responsible for operational support and the Tax Services business unit for BCP.   In his role with BCP, Greg leverages his 25 years of entrepreneurial engineering and management consulting experience, broad industry and business application experience, domestic and international management consulting experience, partnership and alliance development experience, and strategic planning and organizational design experience to provide leadership and direction to BCP.  Greg has both a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration degree from Louisiana State University, and has directly supported a number of BCP client management and tax engagements since 2004.

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Tony is experienced in overseeing all project segments for PWR services, steam generator services, refueling services, fabrication, and technical services. He has both a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Notre Dame. He manages seal table services, incore flux thimble cleaning, thimble repairs and replacement, and high pressure seal refurbishment. Project management and design experience have included volume reduction and crud collection systems, reactor coolant pump motor oil collection systems, and post-accident sampling systems. He has served as BCP’s Site Project Manager on various lump sum reactor services contracts.
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Brad is the Technical Services Division Director and is a motivated sales and project manager of engineering, technical and staffing services to the commercial nuclear power industry, governmental nuclear agencies, and independent power producers. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of power generation and delivery industry as a whole. He has a thorough understanding of project staffing requirements and project management and is an effective communicator with all levels of client management. Brad also has fifteen years expertise in procurement engineering and materials-related activities within the U.S. nuclear industry with an additional nine years of experience in the areas of logistics, materials, project management, and planning related to the shipbuilding industry.
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Bill is responsible for providing leadership and oversight to support utility customers especially in the areas of project management, design engineering and consulting. This covers a wide range of leadership, planning, design and construction interface roles in support of project delivery, project management office resources, expertise and technologies. Throughout his thirty-eight years Bill brings his engineering, technical, consulting and Project Management experience to all of his positions. This started with new plant design engineering and construction support of the Clinton Power Station, and progressing through increasing levels of responsibility in supervision, operating plant support, project manager, mechanical manager, support services manager, systems manager, business development, cloud technology system sales and implementation consulting, nuclear power technical issues resolution / implementation such as GSI 191, EPC project manager and account management. He holds a BS degree in from Southern Illinois University.
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Lauren developed her toughness and negotiating skills in the US Army Military Police. She was able to utilize those traits at BHI Energy / Sun Technical and develop long term relationships with both the clients and the employees at every location she worked at. These long term relationships allowed her to grow the number of resources supplied to various nuclear sites from a few to over a hundred. Her negotiating skills and history of developing long term relationships made her an attractive candidate to fill the need for additional executive resources at BCP. As one of the BCP Account Executives, Lauren is responsible for developing new long term relationships at key nuclear plants and expanding the current customer base to include not only nuclear sites but also fossil sites.
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Brent has over 33 years of nuclear experience including Operations, Training, Maintenance and Work Management. Twenty seven of those years were spent in the Entergy system at Waterford 3 and River Bend nuclear sites. He expanded his knowledge and experience by joining Progress Energy as the Fleet Functional Manager for Online Work Management and Outage Management. He carried that experience over to the merged Progress / Duke Energy system. With this wealth of knowledge in Online Work Management, Mr. Matherne joined SWDE Consulting as Director of Business Development. His past history in the Entergy System and wealth of contacts within the nuclear industry made him an attractive candidate to fill the need for additional executive resources at BCP. As one of the Strategy Business Unit Managers, Brent is responsible for developing business within the Entergy system as well as other key nuclear sites. He is the primary contact for resource needs and works with the BCP recruitment team to find the right resource to meet that need.
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Laurie developed her communication skills and tough negotiating skills in the competitive Florida South Beach real estate market. After seven years of hard negotiating, she joined BCP and a corporate recruiter. She found dealing with engineers and project managers much more enjoyable than home buyers. Through the assistance of other BCP staff, she has developed a good understanding of the nuclear industry and uses this understanding to sort through the hundreds of resumes to find the right person to fill the need identified by the several BCP executives. Her now soft negotiating style makes her a pleasant person for candidates to talk to and consider joining the BCP team.
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Sue began working as a recruiter 20+ years ago for consulting firms supporting IT/Engineering placement for companies such as Walt Disney, Universal and Lockheed Martin. She progressed to corporate recruiting responsible for placing developers/programmers for an IT company that produced billing software in Central Florida. Sue relocated back to Tampa Bay where she began contracting, gaining invaluable experience supporting various companies who were in need of supplemental staff and subsequently offered a contract to fulltime opportunity with Washington Mutual. She joined BCP to return to the engineering field where she feels most challenged, especially in her new role supporting nuclear power plants across the country and abroad.
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