What a year…What a year. 2020 if anything brought uncertainty, fear, and isolation to many of our  brothers and sisters. Normally, I write these letters at year-end…but given 2020’s track record I decided  to hold off and send in 2021 – not wanting to bring any of the 2020 dust into 2021.

So, dusting off 2020 and focusing on 2021…let’s look forward, let’s look at where we’re headed, by  answering a singular question…

What’s Our Why?


Energy. Energy drives our lives. Energy provides the opportunity for wealth creation; for freedom; for  knowledge; for advancement. Without energy we’re left with darkness; the lack of ability to have good  health; the limited ability to achieve educational opportunities, or the ability to protect ourselves.

The availability and access to affordable, highly reliable energy unleashes the greatest potential we have…


Human Potential.


It’s daunting to think about the impact that energy, specifically, electrical energy has had on the world.  Let’s put this into perspective – the first commercial central power plant, Pearl Street Station, built in  Manhattan, NYC started generating electricity in 1882. In a little over 100 years, our world has made  technology advancements that dwarf those of the prior 2000 years. Energy has now become synonymous  with food, water, basic essentials. Energy is…


The Lifeblood of Modern Society.


In today’s world, at least in the developed world, there are forces at play that are driving changes in the  production and generation of electrical energy…that pit Climate Change against Energy Production; that  pits political power against pragmatic and logical thinking. The challenges electric energy producers face  are tremendous, to name a few:

∙ Political forces driving prematurely the closure of nuclear facilities

∙ Transitioning to “clean” generation sources while maintaining reliability and predictability ∙ Regulations that over burden and self-limit innovation

∙ Economic realities that decrease short-term profitability and shareholder value


“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”
Albert Einstein


This statement, epitomizes what I believe makes BCP different from every other engineering and staffing  company servicing the Electric and Gas Utility market. We as a collective, strive to think differently, to  service our clients differently, and to develop and deliver with greater flexibility and care than anyone  else. We believe in diversity of backgrounds and ideas, that when brought together develop different  ways at looking at problems and generate different solutions to these problems.

It is this unique perspective combined with the deep want and desire to provide the highest care and  support that makes us unique and will continue to help us make a difference. Our mission to…


Ensure Sustainable, Long-Term Performance Improvement


…starts with a forward thinking mentality and developing innovative approaches, identifying and  successfully implementing innovations that will help our clients drive operational cost down and  performance up. BCP has and will continue to strive to help utilities improve and innovate. It’s who we  are.

We have been given this opportunity to make a difference; to work in an industry where what we do and  how we do it can have a profound effect on shaping tomorrow’s future, where our work can help…


Increase energy capacity and availability that does not have to
come at the expense of the environment.


BCP is at the forefront of helping to ensure the longevity of the nuclear industry and its place in the energy  mix for years to come. From sustaining and helping existing nuclear facilities to be and stay economically  competitive, to our involvement with NuScale and other Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) we can help make  energy more readily available here in the United States, and potentially impact developing worlds with  new sources of energy to help spawn their growth, prosperity, opportunity and ability to live a good life.

What we do matters. How we do it matters. So What Is Our Why?


We Help Make Lives Better.


Thank you for being part of our team. Thank you for working to make a difference. Thank you for giving  your best, day-in and day-out. God bless and I wish you and your family the best in 2021.


– Greg Lormand, President BCP Engineers and Consultants

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