BCP Engineers & Consultants is proud to announce our “full scope”
Subsequent License Renewal services.



We have formalized partnerships with Artichor Solution and AKRF.

Our partner, Artichor Solutions is the developer of the Advanced License Extension (ALEX) Project Management System, which has been used for multiple successful License Renewal Applications (LRAs).  ALEX streamlines labor intensive scoping, screening, and aging management review processes and will directly support development of the Subsequent License Renewal Application.

Our partner, AKRF is known for their environmental assessment, SAMA analysis and environmental report development. AKRF performed environmental reports for several original LRAs and supported those through NRC review and approval.  They are fully conversant with NRC and industry guidelines for preparing environmental reports that support license renewal.

These two partners are experts in their fields and will add tremendous value to complement BCP’s already exceptional service offering.


To inquire about our full scope SLR services please contact Brad Myers at [email protected] directly to arrange a complete demonstration of these capabilities.

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