When utilizing the services of “contract” engineering and consulting firms such as BCP, it is important to know how the process works and where most problems occur during the process in order for you to reap the best benefits of the service.

In most cases, BCP is able to provide experienced engineering and technical support to our customers upon request. We are able to deliver experienced personnel to support our customers’ temporary staffing needs as our candidates are derived from past associations with consultants that prefer contract assignments over direct “full time” employment. We are typically contacted by the consulting engineer to advise us that he or she is interested in a contract assignment. Also, through many years of experience, we are familiar with consultants that possess the relevant skill sets to address our customers’ requirements.

BCP compares consultants’ credentials against current client staffing needs and proposes the consultants resume to clients as a solution to their needs.

It is at this juncture in the process that clients tend to fail in securing the best talent. In order for the process to work at peak efficiency and to assure availability of the best candidates, it is important to review proposals and select the best candidates in a timely fashion. Please keep in mind that the candidates may be seeking employment opportunities from several contract engineering firms concurrently and will typically accept the first offer that fulfills their salary, location and scope of work preferences. When clients are slow to choose a candidate that suits their needs, they could miss out on that candidate altogether. In most cases, a week is too long and ten days is too late. In this scenario, with the current shortage of qualified consultants, “the early bird definitely gets the worm”.

It is important for clients utilizing contract engineering firms to stay engaged with the firm to convey the status of proposals, discuss candidates and timelines so that the service provider can inform the consultant and thus keep them available and interested in the assignment until the client has had time to make a decision and to initiate contract processes.

Clients who keep the review and hiring process moving quickly while staying engaged with the contract engineering firm will reap the best benefits from the relationship.

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