BCP is excited to announce a teaming relationship with KAP Project Services to provide digitized workforce management to the nuclear industry.  KAP (https://www.kapproservices.com) is a leading project controls and services provider in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries with a focus on the planning, scheduling and cost control of shutdowns and turnarounds.

The BCP/KAP digitized workforce management solution utilizes the Mobideo Technology Platform to integrate the connected worker, manager and performance measurement into one seamless system in real time.  This unique Digital Transformation Solution is built to solve the on-going problem in complex projects of lack of status and work product visibility, which negatively impacts communication and collaboration, therefore driving schedule delays and increased costs that enable:

  • Unprecedented project and activity visibility and collaboration across work execution processes, project controls personnel, contractors, and other key partners and suppliers
  • Ability to communicate work-around schedule adjustments instantly
  • Access to current, real-time progress information that keeps decision making efficient
  • Capture discovery, scope change, and plan variances in real time to initiate the change process
  • Improved communication and handoffs enabling better resource optimization and coordination

These benefits typically provide a 30% increase in work efficiency, better and timelier decision making, resulting in significant cost savings typically in the 14-15% range.

With the increased pressures on nuclear generation facilities to reduce operating costs to be competitive long-term, we believe the BCP-KAP digital work execution solution is the missing piece to modernizing workforce management to improve nuclear plant operational and maintenance efficiency.

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