BCP was successful in winning a recent RFP with Dominion Energy’s North Anna Power Station (NAPS) to provide services to compete the Cyber Security Controls Analysis for a Security System replacement project.  The project will require BCP to work directly with NAPS Cyber Security Assessment Team (CSAT), Design Engineering team and Vendors to conduct thorough assessments of approximately 35 direct Critical Digital Assets (CDA) groups and approximately 650-700 CDAs.  The project is ongoing and will be completed by the end of 2020.

VOGTLE 3 AND 4 AP1000 UPDATE (Source:  August 30, 2019 – Georgia Power News Center)

Recent filings from SNC with the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) indicate that the in-service dates for Vogtle Unit 3 is November 2021 and for Unit 4 November 2022.  The company is reporting that significant progress continues to be made at the construction site, with the project now approximately 79% complete.

The project met all major milestones in 2018 and met all first and second quarter major milestones for 2019.  Recently, the site completed a major step in the Integrated Flush process by successfully testing a portion of the Spent Fuel Pool Cooling System (SFS), a key safety component for Vogtle Unit 3. In addition, the company ordered the first nuclear fuel load for the unit, the first nuclear fuel order to be placed in more than 30 years for a newly-designed reactor in the U.S., marking a major milestone in the project’s transition to operations.

Other milestones include:

  • setting of all four reactor coolant pumps inside the Unit 3 containment vessel
  • setting of the Unit 3 containment vessel top head
  • completion of Unit 3 initial energization and the start of the integrated flush process for Unit 3
  • placement of both accumulator tanks, both steam generators and the pressurizer inside Unit 4 containment
  • setting the second ring of the Unit 4 containment vessel

Georgia Power has released a new video that shows the removal of 4 million cubic yards of soil, concrete placements, and other milestones throughout the project’s history.  You can see the time-lapsed video here:  https://youtu.be/VoXMPB7zXLI

BCP has supported construction since 2012 and continues to be a major provider of support for the construction planning, cyber security, and initial startup and testing for the new AP1000.


BCP recently completed another Containment Tendon Analysis project for Dominion’s Millstone Nuclear Power Plant.  The analysis and justification was led by BCP’s, Dr. Howard Hill to evaluate if extended periods of examination are justified.  The analysis will be submitted to the Nuclear Regulation Commission (NRC) for review, anticipating a completed review within the next nine to twelve months.


Burns & McDonnell reached out to BCP to provide support of a Fuel Transfer Ops (FTO) and Decommissioning SME for their Independent Oversight Assessment at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).  BCP was able to meet their specific needs and assist Burns & McDonnell in obtaining this work.  The project will officially start this November.

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