After BCP completes the Incore Flux Thimble Cleaning at a client Seal Table, the final activity is to run a Dummy Detector cable down the full length of the thimble bore, thereby verifying that it is open and free to the Flux Detector Cable insertion.

ANATEC-3000rAThis activity is the one that most leads to contamination of the surrounding area, as well as occasionally contamination of technicians performing the work. Various methods have been tried to contain or reduce the airborne activity. However, to date, few methods have been effective without a complete containment system (e.g. glove, bag or other engineering controls).

BCP now has designed and is testing a portable containment system that connects directly to the Test Cable take up reel. BCP is the first to adapt this technology to reduce the contamination risk. The containment system encloses the reel and cable then feeds the cable down through a containment tee feeding into the flux thimble. BCP has HEPA vacuum system (plant provided) ports on the system to take suction through the reel cover and the thimble tee. Preliminary tests of the thimble tee showed no escape of air or airborne particulates into the breathing air space.

Additionally, this contamination containment system mounts onto our new manual and motorized drive reel assemblies. BCP will incorporate the use of the manual system in situations, where speed control entering or exiting the thimble is not important. However, the motorized reel is ideal for Eddy Current Testing (ECT) where the retraction speed is closely controlled and consistent speed is important. The reels (manual and motorized) both have a manual brake lever to slow the reel as it feeds the cable into the thimble. The unit mounts into the jacking holes on the Seal Table and is completely accessible to every thimble location.

BCP will use this system at client sites this Fall, and one of our ECT vendors will likewise be using the motorized system in their work at northern utility plants this Fall.

For information regarding this and other plant services tooling, contact Tony Stough at [email protected].

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