Some may have heard BCP has turned to technology to solve one of our customers’ greatest project problems – risk. The single greatest issue that faces project managers is the lack of proper planning and missing some issues that could have been pro-actively addressed using our techniques. When planning major equipment modifications and replacements, there are many unknowns that often creep in to sully an otherwise perfectly executed project plan. We are looking to improve these odds.

The technology being used is related to 3D modeling (see image above for example of boiling water reactor suppression pool) of the plant and facilities, and is provided by Dassault Systemes through BCP to the industry. While this technology is just beginning to be used in the nuclear industry, it has been used for decades in the aerospace, shipbuilding and manufacturing sectors. It is proven itself in handling the data requirements for large floating oil production and storage facilities (over 2 million parts), to the latest DDG, which is the new guided missile destroyer, produced by Bath Iron Works and to the 787 of Boeing. It is time we close the gap with these other industries.

Dassault Aviation, the makers of the Mirage fighter and Falcon jet, had a very advanced 3D computer-aided design (CAD) package that was developed in house for design aircraft and components. In 1982 this part of the business was spun-off as a stand alone business called Dassault Systemes. Since then DS has advanced the state of the art in 3D technologies from 3D CAD and modeling to simulations, data management and 3D gaming technologies. BCP has become a value-added reseller (VAR) of this suite of technologies to bring to our customers the ability to implement the benefits of an integrated Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM) business approach. This includes the ability to impact the entire lifecycle of the plant from design, to construction, operations, maintenance, outages, modifications and yes even decommissioning.

There is much to tell about BCP’s efforts with DS in this area. Additional information will be provided on the technologies and PLM in later editions. BCP’s motivation is to help our customers improve effectiveness while reducing risk in managing the lifecycle issues at their plants and faculties. The void that exists in our industry in using these technologies needs to be filled to delivery on the promises of nuclear power at this critical time.

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