Most of us at BCP, as well as our clients, think of us as a company that services the Nuclear Power Industry with engineers and other technical specialists. While nuclear plant owners represent the majority of our clients, BCP also participates in other parts of the energy sector.

We’ve had projects over the last two years with Delta-T Corporation, a developer of ethanol plants. We also have a long standing contract with General Electric supporting their switch yard division. GE projects have included sites in Texas, Oklahoma and New Jersey. BCP engineers support the Spruce II coal powered station owned by City Public Services of San Antonio, Texas. We’ve been at that project from the beginning and we’ll continue to support it through commissioning.

Also during the boom years of combined cycle gas turbine plants, BCP supported construction completion and startup for projects owned by Constellation Energy, Duke Energy, BBE (Spain) and Texas Independent Energy (a joint venture between Panda Energy International and PSEG Global). We gained valuable experience in dealing with those clients in the non-nuclear area as well as gaining a knowledge base in the engineering, construction and start-up of modular-built, state-of-the-art generating facilities. While vastly more complex, the new build nuclear projects will be utilizing many of the same design, fabrication and construction technologies that we were involved with during the CCGT projects.

While we tend to shy away from work outside the power industry these days, in prior years we’ve had contracts to provide design and field engineering services for companies such as Monsanto, Kaiser, Formosa Plastics, Calciner Industries and Exxon Chemicals. We might entertain a business in the petrochemical area again, as we are in the heart of it here in the Louisiana-Texas region, but our primary focus will remain on the energy industry, especially nuclear power.

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