BCP is in the opportune position to provide support to a new nuclear facility that provides an important service integral in the production of nuclear power. The service is provided largely behind the scenes for those who work at the commercial plants and the process is tightly tied to the fuel cycle. BCP is providing consulting support to Uranium Deposition Services (UDS), who is contracted by the DOE to operate a new depleted uranium processing facility outside Portsmouth, Ohio.

The plant built by UDS, a partnership of AREVA Framatome ANP, Burns & Roe Enterprises and Duratek Federal Services, will take depleted uranium from the fuel enrichment process and process it for long term storage. See the diagram of the fuel cycle below and the links to the DOE website for more information.

BCP’s role at the new DUF6 (shorthand for depleted uranium hexafluoride) facility is to assist management in preparing for startup and operation of the facility. The areas of operation, maintenance and related programs and procedures are being assessed for readiness for operation. The facility will undergo an operational readiness review by the DOE in the Spring of 2010. If the organization and plant pass the ORR they look to begin testing and startup of the systems and equipment in preparations for processing the depleted UF6 for storage. UDS management’s trust and confidence in the experience and expertise of our consultants has created this opportunity to work in this area of the nuclear power business.

The Uranium Fuel Cycle

The enrichment process generates two streams of uranium hexafluoride, one enriched in uranium-235 (i.e., greater than 0.7%) and one depleted in uranium-235 (less than 0.7%).


For more information on this project or other BCP efforts contact Chris Staubus at [email protected] or by phone at 727-736-3151.

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