BCP’s Plant Services Division has been actively serving our clients since 1990 from our office and shop area in Dunedin, Florida. In July of 2007, our landlord’s business was expanding so much that they needed our space and we began our search for new accommodations in the area.

Our Fall outage work was fairly large, forcing us to postpone any moving activities until we returned home in October. So it was in November we took up new quarters on Missouri Avenue in Clearwater, a mere 7 miles away. Although we had been in Dunedin for 16 years and certainly did not want to make a move, every cloud has a silver lining and we are very happy in our new ‘digs’. Overall space is about the same but the layout of the shop enables us to have more room for mock-up work, equipment storage and work flow into the mill and lathe.

Everyone who has ever made a move knows how involved it is for packing and getting set up with new utilities, mail etc. We added the additional complication of moving heavy machine shop items and getting them into position ahead of the other supplies, file cabinets and shelving.

But when all was said and done, we are settled and have become quite pleased in our spacious new home.

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