BCP has extensive experience in managing major projects in a sequence that facilitates quick turnover of completed systems to startup and commissioning groups to perform initial test programs and prepare plant for operation.  Our experience and service extends across the entire life of the plant including:


  • New Plant Startup
  • Operating Plant & Performance Improvement
  • Life Extension
  • Decommissioning & Repurposing

One of our strongest technical areas is the development and implementation of initial test programs for nuclear power plants in the United States as well as Europe and Asia.  Since 2009, we have supported the AP1000 licensing process in the U.S. and are well versed in how those requirements apply to Chinese plants at Sanmen and Haiyang.

BCP has a deep history of License Renewal (LR) Experience both with LR Implementation and LR Applications.  BCP starts with the end in mind. We deliver LR results efficiently and economically. Our License Renewal (LR) team has delivered on over 15 LR Implementation and LR Applications.


Some of our expertise in regulatory compliance extends to:
  • Fukushima
  • Cyber Security
  • NFPA 805 Fire Protection

We are well versed in engineering quality assurance such as Title 10 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (10CFR50) Appendix A and Appendix B.  We understand the regulators’ expectations and the importance of establishing proper, accurate, and complete processes and procedures for all licensing activities.

BCP has considerable experience in following projects from construction completion through initial test program completion and preparation for fuel loading, reactor startup testing, and full power commercial operation.

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We understand the process for completing major projects in a sequence that allows the effective turnover of completed systems to the startup and commissioning group, to perform the initial test program and prepare the plant for operation. We have directly participated in the successful construction, completion, startup testing, operational readiness, and commissioning of numerous plants (Nuclear, Fossil, and Renewable) and power delivery infrastructure (Transmission and Distribution) around the globe.

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Licensing & Compliance

We understand the regulatory expectations of licensees and the importance of establishing proper, accurate, and complete processes and procedures for all licensing activities that apply to engineering, construction, startup testing, commissioning, and operational readiness areas. We work and partner with our clients’ engineering teams to ensure that once the project is complete that the client’s engineering team has everything necessary to successfully manage the programs and commitments on an ongoing basis.

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Lifecycle & Asset Management

Proactively and effectively managing the life of generation plants and its systems, structures, and components (SSCs) plant assets is essential to extend operating lives of plants in a reliable and safe manner. BCP’s approach to Plant Lifecycle Management focuses on minimizing risk and cost from concept to decommissioning of plant/systems.

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