BCP provides a corporate managed, team approach to design deliverables.  Our Engineering Programs Expertise and Support Capabilities include:
  • Plant and Engineering Programs
  • In-Service Inspections and Testing
  • Containment Vessel
  • Valve (MOV/AOV)
  • Plant-Specific Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary
  • ASME III Class 2 and 3 Components
  • Cranes and Polar Cranes
  • Testing Programs
  • Containment Leak Rate
  • Snubber Operability
  • Startup Test Programs
  • Fire Protection and Erosion-Corrosion Areas
  • Radiological Areas
  • Operational Readiness
  • Training

Containment Inspection Interval Extension Program

BCP has developed an approach and methodology to examine the containment ISI results and, using these, develop a solid technical argument for setting risk/ performance based intervals at each of the company’s prestressed containment units.  This argument would then serve as basis for a relief request to move from the prescriptive interval requirements of Subsection IWL to more logical performance based requirements.

We anticipate a Utility cost savings by eliminating examinations resulting with subsequent ISI cost reductions of conservatively $1.5 million to as much as $3 million per unit.

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