BCP’s team will carefully look to better define the scope and combine remote work force capabilities to reduce the costs of projects.


The BCP approach for Human Performance procedure upgrades, eliminate inefficiencies found in many procedure upgrade projects through meticulously defining the scope and planning the project.

We look to benefit our clients Human Performance Procedures in the following ways:
  • Cost Savings
    • Our team’s careful definition of scope combined with remote work force capabilities significantly reduce the project delivery costs.
  • Experience
    • BCP staff has extensive experience and expertise in Procedure Upgrades, Procedure Assessments, and Procedure Improvement Initiatives.
  • Defined Scope
    • We use an editorial upgrade approach which reduces or eliminates the chance of procedure related issues after the improvements.
  • Outcomes
    • BCP employs proven Human Performance techniques to ensure long-term savings from improved human performance and knowledge transfer.

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