CH2M Hill, a full-service engineering, consulting, construction, and operations firm with over $6 Billion in revenue, approached BCP last April about supporting a proposal effort. The Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy had issued a broad reaching request for Advisory and Assistance Services to support the investigation and development of technologies to improve the safe and efficient operations of nuclear power plants. This development effort would focus on the next generation of technologies necessary to accomplish this objective while capitalizing on the lessons learned with the operating fleet.

This is not the first time BCP has had a working relationship with CH2M Hill. BCP supported their efforts at Rocky Flats with they were partnered with another BCP customer, Kaiser Industries. Together they formed Kaiser-Hill and were award the contract by the Department of Energy at Rocky Flats for decontamination and demolition services. BCP’s role was to provide mechanical, civil and heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering support.

As a sub-tier vendor, BCP provided input to the CH2M Hill proposal including BCP’s corporate experience and key resources available to support specific anticipated requirements. In what must be a record turnaround in DOE procurements, CH2M Hill was awarded one of the contracts to support the DOE this past June, in less than two months. The contract is managed out of Idaho National Laboratory outside Idaho Falls. The award permits CH2M Hill and BCP to respond to task requests that address specific scopes of investigation and development. The first couple tasks were focused on spent fuel and have been outside BCP’s core competency to adequately support. The first required specific facilities for handling spent fuel which was no bid by us and our partner. The second was focused on actinide burn-up and spent fuel characterization which CH2M Hill will be working with a university to address.

BCP and CH2M Hill have teamed on some additional efforts. These include supporting new units that are proposed for the UK, project controls for the completion of TVA’s partially-built Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, and support for the technology selection for new nuclear units planned in Poland. While these are waiting final decisions from customers, the working relationship provides mutual benefit and is envisioned to continue. New targeted opportunities are in the works.

BCP will continue to work with CH2M Hill in responding to DOE tasks and scopes of work. There will also be a continued effort to look for appropriate opportunities to capitalize on the strengths of each organization and capture new business. For further information contact Chris Staubus at [email protected].

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