By Greg Lormand, BCP President

We are, at our core, an entrepreneurial driven company.  Over the last few years, BCP has focused on Innovating to help nuclear compete safely, reliably, and better.  We have developed new ideas and brought best-of-breed solutions to nuclear new builds and operating plants.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new or a new idea, method, or device.  Something novel.  Innovative ideas are good, however without the ability to execute those ideas, innovation simply becomes creativity.  Results require more.  Results require commitment.  Results require Relentless Execution.

What is Relentless Execution?

Relentless Execution as we define it is a commitment to learning and understanding to achieve the project goals, to make a difference for our customers, and to return to them 10-fold on their investment in us.  We pursue our commitments and desired outcomes, to drive through or around barriers, to understand that our clients hire us for one reason and only one reason…to deliver results.

Results do not come easy.  Results do not come on the coattails of hope.  Results are achieved by learning from the past, by detailed planning with the end-game in mind, by being agile, flexible, adaptable, and most importantly by being passionate about our work.

What is our Commitment?

When BCP works for clients, regardless if they use BCP to hire a single specialty consultant; or have us manage and deliver a specialty project, they get the support of the entire BCP team – the project team, local Client Solutions Director, our Corporate Project Team, and our Company-wide commitment. We are committed everyday to improving the status quo of our industry and addressing each of our clients along with their individual needs.

I want to thank every BCP employee for their commitment to BCP and to delivering excellence to our clients.  Thank you for your tremendous efforts to help bring the AP1000 to life, extending the life of existing operating plants, and improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of project execution.  Innovation.  Execution.  Commitment.  It is who we are.  It is the BCP Way.

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