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Technology Investment Series – Chapter 1

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Technical Overviews

We’re going to take a bit of a departure from past newsletters to discuss some of the technical and engineering aspects to Research & Development. Many of you may have seen our recent presentation at the last EEI meeting on the Technology Research, Development and Deployment Spectrum. As such, we’d like to delve deeper to provide you a basic understanding of how your Research investments in developing and/or implementing these technologies are being used.

One of the largest areas of recent investment for electric utilities is in environmental remediation technologies, particularly for coal-burning generation. Electric Utilities are investing billions of dollars into developing better technologies (new technology research) to clean and reduce emissions as well as into understanding how these technologies can be integrated into aged, existing plants (site specific research). With regard to new technology research – major investments are being made to achieve 90+% or greater removal of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and sulfur trioxide (SO3); nitrogen oxide (NOx) and mercury (Hg) both in single and multi-pollutant control processes and technologies.

Even before these processes and technologies are completely developed, utilities are making major research investments integrating existing technologies (site specific research) into their plants to achieve pollutant reductions such as: scrubber technologies, electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), Selective Catalytic and Non-catalytic reduction technologies, to name a few. Many of these projects can costs companies hundreds of millions of dollars in research, equipment and time.

While not every project has the same level of investment or necessarily research and development activities, these project types provide you areas to focus on capturing your companies research and development investments.

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