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Alameda, CA
Estimated Start Date
Estimated Duration of Work
Temp to Permanent

(2) Sr QA Engineers

Job Type: Temporary to permanent – initially hired as a contractor for a few months and then if all is well, switch to a Full Time Employment 

Job location: Start remote for 2-3 months and then full-time in Alameda, CA

Job Summary:

Reporting to the Director, Quality Innovation, the Senior Quality Innovation Engineer aids the organization in quality management and innovation for the fluoride salt-cooled, high-temperature reactor (KP-FHR).  The Senior Quality Innovation Engineer assists with supervision, development, and maintenance of Kairos quality assurance (QA) program and implementing procedures. Follows QA program requirements for technology development, testing, and design, along with site characterization and licensing activities and fuel cycle facility licensing, component manufacturing, construction, startup testing, and operations.  Manages and performs oversight, surveillance, and internal and supplier audit activities.  Execution of the KP-FHR licensing strategy, related to quality-related activities, as well as pre-application interactions with the USNRC.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and aid planning, the new fluoride salt-cooled, high-temperature reactor technology of QA program
  • Provide aid for quality-related licensing topics
  • Supervise and aid development and implementation of QA program modules for reactor development, test program design and execution, site licensing, and fuel cycle facility development
  • Aid with integration of non-NRC QA program requirements (e.g., ISO) seamlessly into Kairos Quality Management System without undue regulatory exposure
  • Supervise and aid development of Kairos QA program infrastructure, including records management, document control, QA program maintenance, training, procedure development, corrective action, and internal audit/surveillance
  • Coordinate/integrate QA program requirements into engineering processes, including requirements development/flowdown
  • Scoping, planning, and execution of Kairos test program to meet development goals and regulatory requirements
  • Aid project management and engineering teams in generating design and development plans that meet Kairos Power’s FHR deployment initiatives
  • Decomposition of top-level regulatory requirements into SSC requirements and ensure the KP-FHR is designed in accordance with these requirements
  • Mentor and develop less experienced QI staff
  • Provide cross-functional guidance across multiple teams to ensure innovation in engineering and testing programs and processes

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, or Nuclear Engineering, or related field required
  • Master of Science degree in Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, or Nuclear Engineering or related field desired
  • 7-10 years’ experience demonstrating increasing technical progression
  • Must have proven track record of nuclear or similar quality program experience, a drive for efficient implementation and also a constructive team member

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Demonstrated experience in technical product/program quality from early-stage to proven including system architecture, requirements, design implementation, integration, and verification/validation
  • Entrepreneurial, flexible, open to new ideas with full buy-in to the Kairos Power mission
  • A natural bias for action, comfortable delivering on tasks and holding him/herself and team accountable; a respectful candidate that embraces tasks with an unwavering focus on driving results and meeting design milestones
  • Proven team player with excellent verbal and written communication/presentation; must be able to interact and communicate effectively at all levels of the organization
  • Significant experience in nuclear licensing and system design, or analogous technology(ies) with significant regulatory and quality requirements (e.g., FDA, FAA/aerospace), with thorough knowledge of evaluation, design, and regulatory acceptance of a new technology is a plus
  • NQA-1 Lead Auditor qualification preferred

Job end date: Long term, multi-year

TRAVEL – While working remote and being requested to travel to the site while your established work location is at home, you will be on expenses at the GSA rates for flight, hotel, car, gas, food

PER DIEM – When you are no longer working remote and your assigned work location is at the Alameda, CA office while working as a BCP contractor you will be on per diem at $255/day at 7 days per week with $500 mob (no demob, as you are transitioning to a FTE)

Anticipated schedule or work hours: 40-50 hrs per week

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