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Waynesboro, GA
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One Year w/ annual extensions likely

Test Control Center Manager – Vogtle 3 & 4, SNC Initial Test Program (ITP) Team

Resumes will be received through 3 pm CST on Tuesday, July 20th

Work environment for this assignment will be in the office and in the plant/construction site with exposure to heat/cold.

Desired Qualifications: Nuclear power plant (PWR preferred) operational experience as an SRO. Must have at least 5 years’ experience leading a highly effective and technical team.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Similar to the Shift Outage Director (SOD) in an OCC at an operating facility, the TCC Manager responsibilities include the following:

Ensuring that the TCC understands the priorities for the current shift plus a minimum 36 hours and is driving those priorities. This includes understanding the status of major testing activities (including critical path and near critical path activities).

Leads the Testing and Support organizations to exhibit the behaviors necessary to ensure successful execution of testing, maintenance, and operation.

Driving the TCC to effectively communicate, implement the schedule, and act on emergent work.

Resolves testing conflicts and drives testing priorities. The TCC Manager will consult with the Strategic Test Coordinator, Test Coordinator and the applicable ITP Managers with regards to testing schedule conflicts, testing issues, maintenance, and ITP-impacting construction issues in order to set the priorities for testing execution and preparation.

Understands the status of major testing activities including critical path and near critical path activities AND ensures the TCC has prioritized and assigned actions appropriately.

Ensuring communication with the site regarding testing performance including:

significant testing or construction delays,

significant issues (equipment failures, testing failures, personnel injuries, significant HU errors).

Periodic updates of testing progress.

Other issues, which in the judgement of the TCC Manager require additional assistance to resolve.

Ensures that all issues affecting testing are appropriately captured and assigned for resolution. This can be done in logs, issues boards, condition reports, scoping forms, etc.

Facilitates Test Control Center Meetings.

Ensuring lessons learned/testing critique items are captured and reviewed each shift, as necessary, to improve performance.


Physical Requirements: Some bending, lifting, climbing, prolonged walking, crawling, will be required. Shift work may be required.

Estimated Duration of Work Assignment: 1 year (extension possible)

Pay Rate: Not Defined / need Candidate’s requested rate

Per Diem: $93.94 / day ($657.60 per week)

Mob / Demob: $500.00 each ($1,000 total)

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