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Estimated Start Date
Estimated Duration of Work
Initially One Year

Training Instructor

Project/Work Scope
The Training Instructor will conduct classroom and simulator instruction, develop training and examination materials, and process and maintain training records for licensed and non-licensed operator training programs. Will conduct training sessions in various settings as required.

Work Environment for this Assignment:  Office Setting

Desired Qualifications / Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Training Instructor experience is required. High school graduate or equivalent is required. Must have a total of five (5) years of nuclear power plant experience (commercial or Navy).

Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related science is highly desired but not required. Previous Senior Reactor Operator/Reactor Operator license OR SRO Instructor Certification is highly desired. AP1000 experience is highly preferred.

For candidates without prior commercial experience, prior U. S. Navy nuclear power experience with two or more years as a qualified Reactor Operator, Engineering Officer of the Watch, Engineering Watch Supervisor, or equivalent desired, providing that they meet the training instructor experience and high school diploma/GED requirements.

Must have detailed knowledge of operating procedures and regulations, and nuclear plant systems and processes. Knowledge of plant simulation software is highly preferred.

Position requires unescorted access to the protected area of a nuclear plant.

Estimated Start Date:  First week of January 2024
Estimated Duration of Work Assignment: Initially 1 year
Pay Rate: Not Defined / need Candidate’s requested rate
Per Diem: $93.94 / day ($657.60 per week)
Mob / Demob: $500.00 each ($1,000 total)

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Erika Roden