The Atomic Energy Act authorizes the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to issue licenses for commercial power reactors to operate for up to 40 years and also allows these licenses to be renewed for up to another 20 years.

The nuclear power plant owner’s decision to seek license renewal typically is based on the plant’s economic situation and whether it can meet NRC requirements for license renewal. A renewed license is typically a sound financial decision as it allows the owner to realize a quick return on investment on the cost of license renewal verses the cost of building a new one.

There are 104 reactors in the United States. The NRC has approved license renewal for 48 reactors. BCP has supported 6 of the approved license renewals and is currently supporting 3 ongoing license renewal projects. We are providing full scope services including Scoping and Screening, Aging Management Reviews, Time Limited Aging Analysis, Aging Management Programs and full program implementation of aging management commitments.

The BCP license renewal team is now 14 members strong and has been characterized as the finest license renewal team in the country. We will continue to recruit the finest License Renewal talent available as we pursue additional License Renewal projects that will keep our team busy for years to come.

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