Welcome to the BCP Team!


Congratulations on your new job with BCP! We want to welcome you to our team and let you know how excited we are about the opportunity to work with you.  We hope your new job will provide you a challenging, exciting, and most importantly rewarding work experience.

If you’re at this page, you should have received your New Hire Package that outlines the company policies and contains the various new employment forms that are required before you can start work.  This page provides access to all BCP Employee new hire documents and attachments referenced in the New Hire Package and are easily downloadable.

You can download all attachments (listed on page 3 of the New Hire Package) and documents referenced (listed on page 4 of the New Hire Package) by clicking on the following links:



Or you can download an individual file by clicking the links listed below:


To download a file directly to your hard drive, right mouse click the file link and select “Save link as…”

Attachment 1 – Equal Employment Opportunity Information Form

Attachment 2 – Emergency Contact and Welcome Package Information

Attachment 6 – Time Sheet Sample and Guidelines

Attachment 7 – Expense Report

Attachment 8 – Per Diem Guidelines and Sample Form

Attachment 9 – BCP Policy on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Attachment 10 – BCP Payment Practices Memo

Attachment 11 – BCP Check Address Form

Attachment 12 – Direct Deposit Form

Attachment 14 – BCP Benefits Checklist Form

Attachment 15 – 401(k) Enrollment Form

Attachment 16 – Beneficiary Designation Form

Attachment 17 – Consent to Electronic Disclosures Form

Document 1a – I-9 Sample Form using Other info

Document 1b – I-9 Sample Form using Passport info

Document 1c – I-9 Blank Form and Instructions

Document 2 – Federal W-4 Tax Form

Document 3a – Voya Financial Enrollment Benefits Brochure

Document 3b – Summary Plan Description 2021

Document 4 – KeyCare PPO 30 Benefits Summary

Document 5 – HSA 6000 Benefits Summary

Document 6 – KeyCare Employee Enrollment Application

Document 7 – HSA 6000 Employee Enrollment Application

Document 8 – HSA 5000 Benefits Summary

Document 9 – HSA 5000 Employee Enrollment Application