The Energy Gap and the R&D Tax Credit

It is clear that the United States’ future depends on energy self-reliance. This year’s political season has undoubtedly helped to reinforce that need. While there is much debate about the method with which energy will be produced, generated and obtained, there is no debate of the need to do so. The climate for energy solutions […]

BCP – Not Just Nuclear

Most of us at BCP, as well as our clients, think of us as a company that services the Nuclear Power Industry with engineers and other technical specialists. While nuclear plant owners represent the majority of our clients, BCP also participates in other parts of the energy sector. We’ve had projects over the last two […]

PLM as a Business Strategy: New Plant

Plant Lifecycle Management or PLM is a business strategy. The advent of increased computing power present for the average capital intensive business today has made this strategy possible. In manufacturing, where PLM was focused on products instead of plants, the PLM business strategy was adopted more than a decade ago. Part of the reason was […]

Incore Flux Thimble Straightening

BCP’s Plant Services Division personnel have designed and built a flux thimble straightening tool that enables a one-entry job, requiring just minutes per thimble. This tool has been used successfully in several nuclear power stations to straighten multiple thimbles. Use of this specialized tooling greatly reduces unnecessary radiation exposure to personnel and the production of […]

IRS Exam Team Directives for Auditing 41 R&E Claims

The IRS has recently issued a new audit technique guideline for activities under Section 41 (LMSB-04-0508-030). This guideline outlines a number of areas with which the IRS exam team has been given a directive on auditing Section 41 R&E claims. In this edition of the BCP newsletter we’ll summarize a few of the key areas […]

What is Plant Lifecycle Management?

PLM or Plant Lifecycle Management as used in the power and process industry is a business strategy derived from the manufacturing sector. In manufacturing PLM or product lifecycle management channels all information for a product from concept to retirement and makes it available to the entire organization. The information is captured and managed in an […]

License Renewal and BCP:

The Atomic Energy Act authorizes the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to issue licenses for commercial power reactors to operate for up to 40 years and also allows these licenses to be renewed for up to another 20 years. The nuclear power plant owner’s decision to seek license renewal typically is based on the plant’s economic […]

BCP’s Plant Services Moves to New Offices

BCP’s Plant Services Division has been actively serving our clients since 1990 from our office and shop area in Dunedin, Florida. In July of 2007, our landlord’s business was expanding so much that they needed our space and we began our search for new accommodations in the area. Our Fall outage work was fairly large, […]

Olympic Stadium Designed by Dassault Systemes Software

Source: New York Times: Olympic Stadium With a design to Remember Many had the chance to experience the opening ceremony of the Olympics and be impressed by the unique design of the Beijing stadium. What you may not know is that the stadium was designed using the software of BCP’s partner, Dassault Systèmes (DS). DS […]

Renewable Energy – Research and Development Possibilities

Investment in alternative fuels and the continued development of renewable generation sources is ever increasing. In 2004, reported by a Worldwatch Institute report, the global investment in renewable energy hit a record $30 billion, accounting for 20-25 percent of all investment in the power industry. With political and global warming concerns that investment will continue […]