Source: New York Times: Olympic Stadium With a design to Remember

Many had the chance to experience the opening ceremony of the Olympics and be impressed by the unique design of the Beijing stadium. What you may not know is that the stadium was designed using the software of BCP’s partner, Dassault Systèmes (DS). DS software is very versatile and can be utilized in almost any industry.

BCP investigated the tools currently used in the industry, and identified Dassault Systèmes technologies to deliver dedicated 3D Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions that support major power plant retrofits and new project designs. The BCP-DS partnership offers utilities and energy companies a single source for industry experience in major capital projects, replacement of critical plant components, new plant construction, as well as the best of design, collaboration, and simulation technology for project planning and execution. BCP and Dassault Systèmes see an opportunity to offer plant owners and operators wrestling with asset life cycle management issues and capital programs an effective management system to meet stringent regulatory, customer and shareholder demands.

For more pictures and/or information on the unique architecture of the Olympic Stadium visit:

Our partner Dassault Systèmes or The New York Times

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