Thimble Puller

BCP’s Plant Services Division has been working on fine tuning two new products that are immediately available for use by utility clients for their Incore Flux Thimble needs.

The first is a lightweight hand tool called the ‘Thimble Puller’. The Puller is a manually operated device that can be used to aid in retracting as well as inserting the Incore Flux Thimbles during refueling activities. It consists of an aluminum bar with a wedge style gripping mechanism for engaging the thimble tubing. The tool has a ‘rubber’ lining for positive engagement, reduced slippage, and scratch prevention on the thimble OD. The Puller is designed for use by a single technician, but supplied handle extensions can be used to enable a second person to assist when necessary.

It is quickly applied to the thimble, allows rapid re-gripping, and is an effective, low-cost alternative to the standard thimble jack or bulky hydraulic systems available and in use today. It is simply reversed to insert the thimble, and reduces the chance of bending or kinking.

This tool is currently in stock and is available from our Plant Services Division. We can be contacted at the office at 727 581-9594, or via email at [email protected].


Eddy Current Take-Up Reel

BCP’s ECT Take-Up Reel Assembly is designed to retract an eddy current probe from an incore flux thimble at a steady speed while containing any airborne contamination that may be pulled from the thimble ID.

The assembly consists of a take-up reel enclosed in a transparent contamination control hood. The reel is motor driven for retraction. The whole assembly is mounted on a rail, which attaches to the Seal Table via the thimble jacking holes found at each thimble location.

The ECT cable is wrapped around the take-up reel and is inserted into the thimble through an adapter that mounts atop the thimble. Upon insertion, the motor is disengaged, allowing the cable to be manually inserted into the thimble. On retraction, the cable brake is automatically activated as the probe exits the thimble. At that time the retraction motor is shut off and the probe is captured inside the thimble adapter and held there until released. The thimble adapter is then relocated to the next thimble and the process is repeated.

These reels are now available and come delivered in a sturdy Pelican case that is fitted to the contents. The case serves as a shipping and long term storage case. Included is the rail and posts to mount the assembly onto the Seal Table along with our custom clamp that maintains a captive grip onto the rail as the assembly is being relocated to the next thimble.

Watch it in Action!

Contact Mr. Tony Stough at BCP’s Plant Services Division via email, telephone or fax.

[email protected]
Phone: 727 581-9594
FAX: 727 584-1375

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