Nuclear Generation

BCP has worked in every operating nuclear power plant design in service and nearly all operating plants in the U.S. today.  We also support international nuclear power plant projects across Europe and Asia. Our experience spans all aspects of Nuclear Plant Operations.

Our team has extensive experience in the licensing phase of existing and new build projects and regulatory compliance support in areas such as Fukushima, Cyber Security, NFPA 805 Fire Protection, License Renewal, Aging Management and others.

We excel at evaluating and solving tough, complex and long-standing problems for industry.  We are specialists in capital project management with our capabilities extending across all areas involving project and risk management services.  

BCP has several specialty services that combine technical know-how, with our engineering and can-do mentality that deliver industry leading services – these include Flux Thimble Cleaning services, Tax Study services, Cyber Security, Virtual Technology and Simulations, and specialty Engineering Programs.

Power Generation, BCP Engineers

Fossil Generation

BCP is best known for our project management and controls capabilities and our commissioning and project/construction oversight services.  Our experience extends as serving as the prime contractor representing the asset owner’s interest in the construction and commissioning oversight for new plant and plant modification projects.

Utilizing our deep bench of technical expertise, we support all engineering areas including mechanical, electrical, I&C and civil structural needs for design, field oversight, and testing.  Our expertise in planning is oft relied upon to support planning departments in new construction planning, outage scheduling and planning, and plant upgrade projects.

BCP is also known supported numerous fossil plants with technical services such as chemistry, QA program assessments, and cyber security.

Renewables Generation

BCP has supported numerous renewable construction projects by providing our project management and cost and schedule controls expertise in support of the asset owners.

Recent project experience includes supporting the construction of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System.  Ivanpah, located in Ivanpah Dry Lake, California is a three-unit power system will be built on approximately 3,500 acres.  When fully completed will be the largest solar thermal power tower system in the world.

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