In addition to supporting Fortune 500 companies, BCP’s Tax Service’s division supports small and medium sized businesses in obtaining R&E benefits and Cost Segregation.


Section 174 and 41 Research and Experimentation (R&E) Tax regulations provide companies of all sizes and from most industries the ability to receive economic incentives for innovation.  If you’re a company that invests in attempting to design, develop, or improve products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions, or software; you may be eligible for this benefit.

Cost segregation is an accepted tax planning strategy utilized by commercial real estate owners and tenants to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer tax, and improve cash flow.  Cost Segregation studies provide a means to identify components of your facility and appropriately identify the asset category and accelerated deduction recovery period.  Commercial property placed in service after December 31, 1986 qualify for a cost segregation study.