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BCP is a full-service staffing solutions company.  Our Technical Services division assigns temporary support on-site staff across the United States and around the globe. We have experienced personnel to supplement and enhance your existing full-time staff to meet peak staffing needs.

To find the right people, BCP leverages nearly 40 years of industry recruitment expertise, utilizes powerful information management software applications, and proprietary internal candidate review processes to engage our workforce and source the right candidate to meet our client’s specific project and experience requirements.

We track progress from the submittal request through the hiring stage updating our information on candidates. This level of recruiting detail provides us nearly instant access to all available candidates that can meet site needs and requests.

Our staffing team is built with experienced engineers and professionals, who understand the nuclear utility business and our clients needs.  BCP’s team knows what it takes to get the job done. We understand that a good fit between an experienced contractor and utility personnel depends not only on capability and business acumen, but also in demeanor, outlook, and attitude.  We’re so confident in our people and talent identification that we offer the Premier Industry Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with an individual, he or she will be removed, the charges waived, and they will be replaced immediately.


Why BCP Staffing Solutions? 


Best Value

Dollar-for-Dollar.  BCP personnel are the best value in the industry.  We only provide experienced, well-trained personnel, most of whom have long, successful histories with the company. Since they are fairly compensated, they are satisfied employees who stay with BCP job after job. BCP builds relationships with our personnel, just as we do with our customers.

Depth of Resource Pool

Because of the long history of BCP supporting the nuclear industry, there are over 450 engineers, project manager, and technical resources that have proven their value while working for BCP and ESGI. In addition to those resources there are almost 20 times that many that BCP has detailed work experience history that would ensure they meet the needs of the assignment.


Every client and BCP staff member has a key contact with BCP Management for a one-stop interface day or night.  Our team closely tracks its personnel’s performance against our client’s expectations to ensure satisfactory results.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with an individual’s or our performance on a project, he or she will be removed and the charges waived. As far as we know, no other personnel provider provides a guarantee like that.



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