Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM) is more than…

PLM has been thrown around as a buzzword by consultants, vendors and others who are trying to make sure they are seen as relevant in the marketplace. The truth of the matter is that PLM is more than a technology or group of technologies and has the potential for far reaching benefits when successfully implemented. […]

PLM as a Business Strategy: New Plant

Plant Lifecycle Management or PLM is a business strategy. The advent of increased computing power present for the average capital intensive business today has made this strategy possible. In manufacturing, where PLM was focused on products instead of plants, the PLM business strategy was adopted more than a decade ago. Part of the reason was […]

Olympic Stadium Designed by Dassault Systemes Software

Source: New York Times: Olympic Stadium With a design to Remember Many had the chance to experience the opening ceremony of the Olympics and be impressed by the unique design of the Beijing stadium. What you may not know is that the stadium was designed using the software of BCP’s partner, Dassault Systèmes (DS). DS […]

BCP Improves Your Planning

Some may have heard BCP has turned to technology to solve one of our customers’ greatest project problems – risk. The single greatest issue that faces project managers is the lack of proper planning and missing some issues that could have been pro-actively addressed using our techniques. When planning major equipment modifications and replacements, there […]