PLM or Plant Lifecycle Management as used in the power and process industry is a business strategy derived from the manufacturing sector. In manufacturing PLM or product lifecycle management channels all information for a product from concept to retirement and makes it available to the entire organization. The information is captured and managed in an integrated fashion and available to all to use based on their need to know role, responsibility and authority. The type of information available includes designs, specifications, drawings, 3D digital models, supply chain information, testing, procedures, manufacturing process information, etc. This seamless flow of information improves the effectiveness of the organization in delivering high quality to their customers in competitive markets.

How does product lifecycle management philosophies and processes apply to us who design, build or operate large capital plants? Most capital intensive businesses produce commodity or near commodity type products. So form, fit and functional considerations as they apply to the products are of limited value in the production process. What is important is the asset that produces the commodity, such as refinery or nuclear power plant. Managing the lifecycle of the asset to improve productivity while minimizing risk at each phase of the lifecycle is where the benefit of these strategies is demonstrated.

What makes this approach different from other technology endeavors is the focus on using available proven technologies. The foundational technology in information management has been deployed for more than a decade. The complementary 3D digital plant design technologies and construction simulation technologies likewise have proven track records in the manufacturing, aerospace, defense and shipbuilding industries.

BCP has supported customers with large capital intensive plants and facilities for more than a quarter century. Much of this work has been supporting major capital projects, plant retrofits and life extension. In seeking out tools and approaches to improve project execution we came to realize the technologies that were in use in these industries were inadequate and have demonstrated only marginal innovation over a couple decades. This forced BCP to look outside the industry to examine how other industries tackled large projects. We became acquainted with Dassault Systemes and their technologies in this process. When evaluated the DS 3D technologies in support of PLM were found to be superior in such aspects as integration, dynamic simulation, flexibility and open systems design which allows industry standard complementary solutions to be supported.

If you’ve had an experience utilizing 3-d simulation and PLM practices, let us know. We’d love to hear your story.

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